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Do you know that? Zong is the first cellular company to take the 4G license throughout the color auction in 2014. After then, it has become the popular and getting number one choice of most of the 4G users in Pakistan. Zong has around more than 5 million 4G users who are making it the most utilized 4G network in Pakistan. The company itself helps approximately 10 million customers with the help of its 3G network as well. Let's have a look at Zong internet packages:

Zong Daily Internet Package:

You will get this package at only 15rs for 1-day validity, it has about 100 Mb data. Also, Data Max provides you 500 Mb data in just 35rs for 1-day validity.

Bundles Name Free MBS Subscription  Rate  
Zong Daily Basic


24 hours

Dial *6464#


Zong Daily Premium


24 hours

Dial *6464#


Zong daytime offer 4am to 4pm 


Typ SMS “dto” Send to 6464


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Zong Night internet Bundle

Zong is providing one Night internet Package Check the below table

Bundle Name Free MBS Subscription Rate  
Good night zong offer 2000MBS Typ SMS “gno” Send to 6464 RS.12

How to unsubscribe zong goodnight offer

  • Typ SMS “unsub gno” Send to 6464

Zong Weekly Internet Package:

Zong gives the Zong ultimate premium package of 700 Mb data in just 70rs for 7-days. You can also avail the super package of 2GB at 100rs for 7-days.

Bundles Name Free MBS Subscription Rate  
Zong Weekly Premium


7 Days

Dial *6464# RS.70
zong super weekly 


7 Days

Dial *6464# RS.100
zong super weekly plus 


7 Days

Dial *6464# RS.120
Zong Mega Weekly Offer


7 Days

Dial *6464# RS.160

How to check zong weekly internet mbs

  • Dial *102# to check remaining MBS

Zong Monthly Internet Package:

There are total five packages available for this monthly internet package include:

  • Zong Monthly Mini package of 150 Mb data in just 50rs for 30-days.

  • Zong Monthly Basic package of 500 Mb data in just 150rs for 30-days.

  • Zong Monthly premium package of 2GB data in just 300rs for 30-days.

  • Zong Monthly Premium package of 10GB data in just 1,800rs for 30-days.

Bundles Name Free MBS Subscription Rate 

Monthly Mini 150 


30 Dyas

Dial *6464# RS.50
Monthly Basic 500


30 Days

Dial *6464# RS.150
Monthly Premium 3GB


30 Days

Dial *6464# RS.300
Monthly Premium 6GB


30 Days

Dial *6464# RS.600
Monthly Premium 10GB


3 Months

Dial *6464# RS.1800

How to check zong monthly internet packages

  • Dial *102# to check remaining Mbs

Zong 4G Package:

The subscriber of Zong 4g package gets 75 on-net minutes, 100 free SMS, and 30 internet MBs at just Rs 5. Zong users can also go for the Daily 3G/4G Package. You can subscribe to this Zong 4g package for Rs 15 with one day's validity and a subscription fee of Rs 15.

Zong has offered many prices competing for internet packages for its network of users. The company already provides free Facebook and WhatsApp usage on its 3G/4G connections as well. Zong internet package offers a combination of free minutes, SMS, and internet MBs as well.

If you find any queries related to this post or if you want more details about the packages process, then kindly let us know through comments.

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