Download Your PTCL Duplicate Bill online any month 2019

In Pakistan, PTCL bill which stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is the most commonly used telephonic and network system. It is currently used in overall Pakistan as a part of homes, offices, institutions and all over the commercial areas.

As it is based on monthly payment support which means you have to need to pay the PTLC bill for every other month. Sometimes it happens people may lose their bill by accident or making a delay due to some issues, and then they have to pay any extra costs for the delay process.

But now people can check their PTCL phone Bill's and internet Bill's online free by just accessing their telephone number and record ID. You can also get a PTCL duplicate bill or its copy by just clicking on PTCL bill print.

PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication limited) is the largest yet popular telecommunication provider in Pakistan. And they are having around over 2 million subscribers across the country. PTCL discovered the telephone services, broadband and added smart TV in their services as well.

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Pakistan telecommunication authority abbreviated as PTA is responsible for company and operation of telecommunication in Pakistan. It raises the availability of a broad range of high feature, suitable, cost-effective and competing for telecommunication services throughout Pakistan. PTCL is working under the flag of PTA.if you want to know about electricity bills check online

Create Your Own Account:

You can create your own PTCL online account quickly by entering your necessary personal information. Bill inquiry service is available on the official website of PTCL, which is You can receive your bill by email by e- payment services.

PTCL Online Payment:

PTCL customers can experience Online Bill Payment facilities with their accounts and automatic recovery of suspended lines. You can get the PTCL duplicate bill of your desired product, like PTCL landline bill and PTCL EVO bill.

How to Check PTCL Duplicate Bill.?

Customers can check their PTCL bills online, and they also may download the PTCL bill duplicate copy to further avoid additional charges in fact of late submission. Just go to the Customers need to enter their landline number and their PTCL account id to download the d bill. People can check their bill anywhere. Not only the bill payment but they can check their complete history of PTCL bill payment.

The customer has to visit the following link given below, which would take him to the official site of PTCL.

Search PTCL Bill Online

In a new window, there will be two boxes where you have to enter their "Account ID" and "Phone Number."

  • The duplicate copy of bill will occur in PDF File Format.
  • Click the "Save" button to save the PDF file on your computer.
  • If you want to have a hard copy of the duplicate bill, then take print of your saved PDF file.
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