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Latest Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages Daily Weekly Monthly 3G + 4G internet packages

Jazz is one of the biggest telecoms company in Pakistan regarding mobile subscribers after Mobilink merged with Warid. Now, Jazz is presenting internet services 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE spectrums to help it's some higher than 50 million customers. Here are some terrific Jazz internet packages with their subscription and Unsubscribe status code option and prices details.

Latest Mobilink Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

Jazz given you two data limits offer in this package include "daily browser" in which you get 50Mb data in just 12rs for 1-day validity, for subscription dial *117*11#. Another offer is "daily social" in which you get 500Mb (Facebook and WhatsApp) in just 7rs for 1-day validity. For subscription dial *114*5#. no

Bundle Name  Validity Subscription  Status code Free MBs Rates
Jazz Daily 1 Day *117*11# *117*11*2#       50MBs RS. 12 
Daily social Bundle 1 Day *114*5# *114*5*# 500 MBs Just FB + WhatsApp 



Latest Jazz 3-Day Internet Packages:

In this package, you will also get two offers include "3-day browser" you get 100Mb data in just 25rs for 3-days, for subscription dial *117*1#. Another offer is "3-day extreme" you get 500Mb data in just 18rs for 3-day validity from 2am-2pm, for subscription dial *114*14#. no

Bundle Name  Validity Subscription  Unsubscribe Status code Free MBs Rates
3 Day Browser 3 Days      *117*1#   *117*1*4#  *117*1*2#



RS. 25
 3 day extreme bundle 3 Days    *114*14#  *114*14*4#   *114*14*2# 500 MBS RS. 18

Latest Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

Now Jazz offers four excellent weekly internet packages for you in which you can use the Jazz internet package with full of freedom.

  • The weekly browser gives you 300Mb data limit in just 55rs for 7-days validity, for subscription dial *117*3#.
  • The weekly streamer gives you 700Mb data limit in just 80rs for 7-days validity, for subscription dial *117*7#.
  • The weekly premium gives you 1500Mb in just 110rs for 7-days, for subscription dial *117*47#.
  • The weekly mega gives you 3000Mb in just 160rs for 7-days, for subscription dial *159#. no
Bundle Name  Validity Subscription  Unsubscribe Status code Free MBS Rates
jazz weekly browser bundle  7 Days   *117*3#  *117*3*4#  117*3*2#



RS. 55
jazz weekly streamer bundle  7 Days  *117*7#  *117*7*4#  *117*7*2#



RS. 80
jazz weekly premium bundle  7 Days  *117*47#  *117*47*4#  *117*47*2#



RS. 110
jazz weekly mega bundle  7 Days  *159#  *159*4#  *117*14*2#



RS. 160

Latest Jazz Monthly Internet Packages:

There are five monthly internet packages are here:

  • The monthly browser gives 2000Mb in 160rs for 30-days, dial *117*77#.
  • Monthly streamer gives 3000Mb in 250rs for 30-days, dial *117*31#.
  • Monthly premium gives 7000Mb in 500rs for 30-days, dial *117*30#.
  • Monthly supreme gives 8000Mb in 800rs for 30-days, dial *117*32#.
  • Monthly extreme gives 5000Mb in 125rs for 30-days, dial *117*34#. no
Bundle Name  Validity  Subscription   Unsubscribe Status code Free MBS Rates
Jazz monthly streamer bundle  30Days   *117*31#   *117*31*4#  *117*31*2#



RS. 250
Jazz monthly premium bundle 30Days    *117*30# *117*30*4#  *117*30*2#



RS. 500
Jazz Monthly supreme bundle 30Days   *117*32#  *117*32*4#  *117*32*2#



RS. 800
Jazz monthly extreme internet package 30Days   *117*34#  *117*34*4#  *117*34*2#



RS. 126
Jazz Monthly  Browser bundle  30Days    *117*77#           *117*77*4#   *117*77*2#



RS. 160


Latest Jazz 4G LTE Data Sim Internet Packages Monthly 

This Packages only use for your jazz Data Sim given below are the mobilink data sim internet packages no

 Bundle Name   Validity  Subscription   Unsubscribe Status code Free MBS Rates

Monthly Internet Basic Package bundle

 30Days  *117*71#  *117*71*4#




RS 999
Monthly Internet Regular bundle 30 Days  *117*73#  *117*73*4#




RS 1500

jazz monthly heavy internet bundle 30 Days   *117*74#   *117*74*4#




Rs 2500

Terms & Conditions 

  1. The price includes the tax.
  2. The packages are for all 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  3. The actual internet speed depends on the distance from the network station.
  4. You will not be charged for dialling the Status codes.
  5. If you have sufficient account balance, the bundles will be automatically re subscribed at midnight.
  6. If you have consumed the bucket within the given limit, 0.30 Rupee/MB will be charged

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Personally i recommend you to use Mobilink Jazz its best network in tha pakistan telecom companies if you want to know more about jazz net package visit the official website of the Mobilink Jazz and Propakistani Plz Remember me in your prayers team Seeonlines Thank you indecision


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