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See TCS Online Tracking  Delivery Status Shipment Tracking Number Get the complete details about of your TCS courier TCS has secured a safe place in the courier service industry of Pakistan with its best delivery timings and customer services. TCS has not only increased its retail business and revenue but has also won the customer trust and faith in their services through features like TCS online tracking.

TCS offers an exceptional feature of tracking the shipment to its customers through which you can keep a check on the delivery of your package whenever, wherever. You can stay updated on the status and details of your booked shipment until you receive it or send it to the right person.

TCS online Tracking Delivery Status Your Shipment 2018 2019

TCS online tracking is unique and updated enough to earn all the praise nationwide and it’s all a win-win deal every other courier service should also consider. With this TCS online tracking system, you can have complete details about the history, booking time, expected delivery date and status of your booked packet anywhere anytime.

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Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the misplacement of your official documents, money or whatever you deliver from here to there because the tracking means are reliable including:


• Tracking Number

• Email

• Reference Number


Use Your Tracking Number

The tracking number is the unique number assigned to every package in the stock making it easy for customers to track and locate. Moreover, it reduces the probabilities of misplacement and wrong delivery to prevent any bad user experience. TCS issues the customer a tracking number against a booked package imprinted on receipt. The customer has to put that tracking number on online checking source to get the complete details. Through TCS online tracking you can track your package from one place to another conveniently to make it sure it’s in the right hands.

Get your order status with your reference number…


Use Your Email

When TCS books a package for shipment, company requires an email address from the customer only for contact purposes and keep it confidential. However, the customers can use that particular email id to check the status of shipment along with entering the particular tracking number. The company will provide you with the details of the booked package via email and holds the responsibility for your courier. The company will notify you when the package is delivered. TADA!


Use your Reference Number

If you have courier’s reference number, this is your way to go. A reference can be any number that referred to you legally by the company. All you have to do is to fill the form provided by the company online and fill the credentials. The reference number can be your PTCL or Passport number or any other state issued legal number that can prove your national identity. The company will give you complete information about the status of courier against given reference number. Simple, yet effective!


Use Your SMS

SMS does not fall under the category of online tracking thus tracking via SMS service is not being provided by TCS yet. Your phone number is collected just to inform you the arrival of shipment and to hand over to the destination within due time. But the courier package is not booked against the mobile number. It is expected that company will start considering mobile numbers against booked packages and provide information via SMS as well but for now, it is not activated. (No worries, we have got other options)

  • Note: Currently the SMS Tracking Service is not Available

Are We Done?

It is assumed that we have provided you with all information about TCS online tracking and about the procedure of following up your package. If you still have any queries or facing any problem, feel free to approach us. You will find us helping you by all means. Don’t forget to give your feedback and tell us about which courier service you use.

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